Captures images from the webcam and save them to the desktop

Posted: 17 September 2010 in Flash, Pemrograman Web, WEB 2.0

This tutorial is a sequel of our tutorial called “Capture image from the webcam”. Here we’ll add a new functionnality that let the user save the captured photo to his desktop. This example requires Flash Player 10.

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1. Read and follow the steps of our previous tutorial “Capture image from the webcam” . We’ll begin this tutorial from the finished capatureWebcam.fla file of this previous tut.

2. Open the previous file. Create a new button on the stage, convert it to a movie clip and give it an instance name of save_mc.

3. In order to encode the captured image as a JPG, we’ll use the Adobe JPG Encoder that is available in the as3corelib. Visit to download the library. Unzip the file and inside the src folder grab the com folder. We’ll use what’s in the com/abode/images folder.
In order to save the image, we’ll use the Flash Player 10 FileReference API.

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  1. Ahmed Ridho berkata:

    mantab buat sering” ganti Profile Picture FB

    • phpgeek programmer berkata:

      bisa juga tuh buat aplikasi PHP sendiri yang membutuhkan fitur webcam. mungkin nantinya bisa dikembangkan untuk membuat Face Recognition Login dengan PHP.

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