install lampp in centos 5.6 server

Posted: 5 Juli 2011 in Lain-lain



Many friends ask me how to install LAMP (Linux, apache, php, mysql). There are many ways to install LAMP. Here i teach you the most easiest way to install LAMP using yum program in CentOS.

Below are the steps to install LAMP (Apache, PHP and MySQL in Linux) using Yum:

Go to CentOS and download a copy of CentOS Linux and install it (i’ll not go thru the how to install CentOS with you here) Once your CentOS is installed.

Open a terminal (if you are using X-Window), and type yum install httpd and follow on screen instruction to install apache web server.
Once apache web server has been installed, type yum install php
Once PHP installed successfully, type yum install mysql-server mysql
Once everything finish, type service httpd start to start your apache web server, screen will show you if web server service successfully started
type service mysqld start to start your mysql server
Once both services is running, you can point your browser to http://localhost and you should see a welcome page from CentOS
If you see that welcome page, you just installed everything successfull.
To test if php is running, go to /var/www/html and create an index.php file with the content below

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and refresh your browser again. If you see a purple PHP information page showing all the php configuration variables, then php is running now.
Congratulation, you just successfully installed LAMP in your machine.

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